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In most cases, addicts will attend residential detox and medical detox programs to help them overcome the initial withdrawals from their addiction and substance abuse problems.  Detox programs are usually the first step in helping an addict enter into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, and they help prepare an addict physically so they are capable to go through the treatment process as comfortably as possible.  In some cases, an addict is not able to attend a residential detox program and will be required to go through a home detox program, as most treatment centers will not allow an addict to admit themselves unless they are sober and clean for a certain period of time.  ATC counselor

Home detox kits can be purchased from different drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs where an addict can successfully go through detox.  Usually, the best course of action is to coordinate with a medical professional as some detox cannot be done unless supervised by medical professionals.  If an addict has not been using for long periods of time and is not abusing large amounts of narcotics a home detox kit can be best suited as long as a doctor is giving the go-ahead.  Typically, these kits provide useful information to help addicts go through a successful withdrawal process and will show them different methods to stay comfortable and get through the initial hump of the withdrawals.  These kits can be very successful in helping male and female addicts beat their original withdrawals and become prepared for their treatment program.

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