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Drug and alcohol treatment throughout the country has started to become more specific in whom is treated, and programs have begun to become catered to individual needs as every addict goes through their addiction differently than the next person.  Throughout Canada and in every province and city, there are usually drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers specifically set up for women only as many women are in some difficult situations when abusing drugs.  It is not uncommon for women to become caught up in the sex trade and becomes involved with abusive partners while abusing drugs and alcohol.ATC counselor

Many of these treatment centers for women only are also able to accept pregnant women who may be using drugs and coming close to having their baby.  Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs for women provide safe environments for female addicts and are available as an outpatient and residential treatment that is able to help women on a long-term and short-term basis.  Women of all ages are able to enter into these programs, and some of these treatment centers are also available to help female teens struggling with addiction.  Female teens battling with addiction are at great risk of early pregnancy and can experience health problems because of their drug abuse and or alcohol abuse.  Drug treatment programs for women are specifically set up to help women of all ages and can be very successful in doing so, especially if the women are willing and wanting to get help.

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