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When pregnant women become addicted to drugs or are already addicts and become pregnant, their addiction will cause irreversible effects on the unborn child, this can include birth defects, health problems, fetal alcohol syndrome, and even stillbirth. It is very important that a pregnant woman receives the proper medically supervised help during a drug rehabilitation program.

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Throughout Canada, there are numerous drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs available in every province and town that will provide some specific drug treatment programs for pregnant women. Typically, these types of programs include more comfortable surroundings, but also have medical staff on-site that are capable of treating a pregnant woman and handling any medical problems that may arise. In some cases, a woman may end up giving birth during their drug rehab program and will require immediate medical help, or there may be physical complications because of their addiction. Whatever the case may be a pregnant woman addicted to drugs requires supervised special substance abuse treatment. These types of drug rehab programs include outpatient and residential treatment options, that may be private or low-cost and or no-cost services. There are short-term and long term care programs available, that can also provide supervised detox programs for pregnant women, and help them a withdrawal safely prior to entering into a drug rehab program. Drug rehab methods used in these programs include group and individual therapy, holistic treatment12-step programs, and other forms of traditional drug treatment.

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