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Nowadays, First Nations people are really struggling with alcohol and drug addiction all over Canada. A direct correlation has been established between this problem and the high rates of homelessness and poverty. Although drug addiction is very present in more isolated communities, it is also a big problem for the First Nations who live in urban settings. An example of this problem can be seen in British Columbia, where there are three times more drug overdoses within the First Nations people than there are within the general population. This is one of the direst consequences related to drug addiction and one of the main reasons why drug treatment for the First Nations population is so important.

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There are many¬†drug rehab treatments¬†available for First Nations people all over Canada. The First Nations bands are also taking actions to make sure that drug addiction is eradicated and that people live a happy life in the community. Many chiefs in Canada are actually making sure that drug addicts get treatment, if they won’t, they risk losing their membership. This pressure is often necessary in order to get a drug addict to actually attend drug treatment and overcome his addiction.

One of the main advantages of a First Nations rehab treatment is that the culture-specific to First Nations is really kept alive. Many will prefer that as it will be more personalized to their belief system and won’t go against anything that they believe in. Whether a person lives in an isolated First Nations community or in an urban area, a drug rehab treatment can be found and they can get the help they need.

For the First Nations people of Canada, they can actually get help in an environment that is not too different from what they are used to. This also gives them an opportunity to get help with people who understand exactly their culture and where they come from.


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