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Drug and alcohol assessment or evaluation is a process that helps an addict, and their families find the proper drug rehab program and services that will help treat their addiction. Typically, an addict will visit an addiction counselor who has access to numerous drug and alcohol treatment resources and is very familiar with addiction and what types of treatment processes are available today. During this time, the addict will answer a series of questions so as the counselor can gather all the information they need to help determine the best course of drug treatment available. This process can also be done with the addict’s family, as most families will have the information, the counselor may need to help provide the resources needed.

ATC counselor

The counselor will then list out the options that will help the addict’s current situation and help them enter into a drug and alcohol treatment facility. In some cases, there can be waiting lists, or some programs may be privately funded, or some may be low-cost or no-cost treatment. An assessment helps narrow down the search and provides the best drug treatment options for the addict, and will help ensure they enter into a rehabilitation facility quickly. It does happen quite often where an addict will not want to get help immediately and may have some reasons why they will not want to enter drug rehabilitation right away. If this is the case, the family may have to intervene and help their loved one start the process and get into the drug treatment program as quickly as possible.

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